Generally, an e-cigarette is a lengthy cylindrical pipe that looks a lot like a normal cigarette or a pen and most of them are reusable, disposable and are able to restock the cartridges.

If you too wish to begin the e-cigarette smoking then you must be aware of the various components of e-cigarette pipe. Below is a short description of some of the elements.

Vaping Elements

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A funnel is a fixed unit to the last part of the tube and a tiny plastic cup is there that holds the permeable material dipped in the liquid solution.


An atomizer is basically used for heating the liquid that and reason of evaporation element and then this solution is inhaled.


It helps in giving the power to the heating component and can be regularly recharged and in this lithium-ion batteries are used.


It stimulates the heating element when the consumer inhales the solution from the device and an LED gives a sign of activation.


The solution is also known as e-juice that is prepared by nicotine that is extracted from tobacco and then mixed up with the base like propylene glycol, and flavoring substance. Propylene glycol is utilized in the asthma inhalers. Apart from it, there is an ample range of flavors from which you can choose, for instance, customary, menthol, and lava flow.