The most prominent symbols of the Tea Party Movement that began in 2009 are the large variety of tea party flags. These flags are proudly displayed by the hundreds, no matter where the event takes place. 

Generally, these flags are historical flags dating back to the American Revolution. With their warning "Do not Tread on Me" and the image of the coiled rattlesnake, these popular flags are a striking image and send a strong message that will not soon be forgotten. If you also want to use flag poles for your business advertisement then you can purchase flagpole (which is also called ‘ Fahnenmast kaufen ’ in German)

The most popular tea party flags are the Gadsden flag, First Navy Jack Flag, and the Culpeper Flag. The three flags show the above expression of "Do not Tread on me. "The Gadsden flag is yellow and displays a timber rattlesnake coiled. 

Flag First Navy Jack is made of red and white stripes with a coiled snake. The Culpeper flag is white with the timber rattlesnake sandwiched between "Freedom or Death" and "Do not Tread on Me. "

There are, of course, many ways in which we can view these enormously popular flags that have seen a massive resurgence in recent years. For the many festive events of tea and rallies across the country, these flags are often attached to a pole or stick to fly over the crowd. 

This rudimentary form of representing these flags may seem cheap, but it works. Many have found that a simple PVC pipe works best because it is light, very flexible and easy to manage.