Have you ever wondered how effective collagen skin repair products are? It would be a lot more enjoyable if you knew what each product entails before you decide to try them.

It's not fair to spend money on procedures or products (cosmetic or dermatological collagen injections) before we understand the basics of collagen skin repair and how it “improves skin health” (also known as Parandab naha tervist in the Estonian Language). There is a huge skincare industry. It's important to focus your attention on the actual results and not just the hype.

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This article will briefly address the information that you need to avoid spending your money on empty promises that won't deliver what you want.

Let's look at three types of collagen booster products that you might have or may have come across.

Collagen-rich Skin Lotions and Creams

The creams and lotions that claim to contain collagen are not effective. They do contain collagen, but this is just hype. Here's why. Science…collagen cannot be absorbed topically because the collagen protein is too large. (Research it on any credible scientific website). It's possible to apply it and massage it all day. But, the creams and lotions will eventually be washed away.

Skin repair via injections

This procedure involves collagen injections to repair the skin. Do the injections work? The injections can be seen by a  cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. The injections can plump up any areas you request to be firmed or plumped up. It is costly and temporary. The collagen reabsorbs into the body so you will need more injections.

Collagen Booster without the Collagen

A collagen booster skin care product does not contain any collagen. Skincare products contain ingredients that stimulate your body's natural collagen production. Your body will increase its natural collagen production. This last type of collagen skin repair offers more benefits than the others.