Biodegradable bags have become popular these days. They are now being used for day-to-day life. People use these bags because they can not harm the environment – and they can even contribute to saving the planet. Today, the planet continues to suffer from damage and whether it will survive, the planet would get worse.

A simple way to use biodegradable bags can help in saving the planet. In addition, there are various kinds of bags made from biodegradable products and as a result, people will not run out of options. Here are the components that make up the commonly used biodegradable bags:

· Polyesters made from hydrocarbons

· Starch-based polymers derived from corn, potatoes or wheat

· Polymer photodegradable

· Polymer Oxobiodegradable

· Water-soluble polymers

Bags made from starch-based polymer can last up to 180 days. It will depend on the climate and environmental conditions. They degrade faster because no fossil fuels are used in the production of bags. Also, starch-based bags should not be filled with products that are heavy. It is also a must to know that this kind of as the bag is being composted in special composting facility, which is why it is not a good choice for use as garbage bags.

On the other hand, a bag made of oxo-degradable and photodegradable product can be used as a garbage bag. It is made with a blend of additives that supplies UV catalyst after it has been removed. It will take several months just for the plastic to break down and not like other bags that are biodegradable, can persist for long periods of time. In addition, inexpensive and recyclable.