You'll come across a lot of different makeup trends in the media and a lot of magazines. Whether you are going to a major party or dressing up your daughter for their school function, there's a makeup trend out there that's ideal for the particular occasion. If you want to get makeup sets of good quality then you can checkout this useful source: Petite ‘n Pretty Makeup Gifts & Sets – A beauty brand leading the Sparkle Revolution!.

Here some advice about the popular styles of makeup to select from so that you can pick the one which is ideal for you.

1. Natural Makeup – This style is designed for girls who only want their cosmetics to be mild.  

In natural makeup you do not need to do much makeup, everything is kept subtle like nude lipstick, mascara, and little blush that's it! And you are ready to go.


2. Day Makeup – If you're thinking about wearing cosmetics during the day, you know you need to be daring and alluring with your look. 

You can experiment with your look, to catch everyone’s eye on you.

3. Prom Makeup – The fancy dresses do not need some daring makeup to generate everything flow nicely. Jagged lashes, thick hairs, and dark eye shadow are quite popular with this makeup fashion.

If it is your prom night you should purchase a tween makeup set, dress up properly, and do the perfect makeup. 

If it is your daughter’s prom night you should do her makeup and dress her up for her best day so that everyone’s eye is on her.