There are many different types of cranes available with a crane rental. Therefore, it is important to know what each crane is designed for. Cranes are designed primarily for moving loads using levers or rollers. While they may look modern, they have been in use for 2000 years.

A simple crane is a moving crane. Crane rental companies often assist with the transport and lifting of their cranes. Mobile crane platforms can have wheels designed for rails or railroad tracks. You can also hire the all-terrain crane for heavy duty lifting in Australia.

Mobile cranes can be used for demolition or earthworks as the hooks on the end of the crane can be replaced with balls or buckets to be broken depending on the crane tenant's job. 

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The truck crane has an outrigger to keep the crane completely stable during use. Cranes for rough terrain have a base no different from a four-wheeled vehicle. They are great for gathering transportation materials.

The loading crane consists of a hydraulic boom which is mounted on a trailer. You load goods onto the trailer and the boom joint collapses when not in use.

They are very similar to telescopic cranes in that some parts of this type of crane may have a part of the boom that uses a telescope which is easier to use.