Prepaid debit cards emerged as a result of the collapse of the mortgage, banking crisis, and recent economic turmoil. In the early days of the mortgage crisis, we saw very bad deals on credit cards drawn by banks.

The alternative is a prepaid visa or MasterCard. It is accepted wherever you see the appropriate logo and can be used for: renting a car, staying in a hotel room, shopping online, using the telephone, and even receiving worldwide. However, there is also another specialty that the bank provides to their customer is the custom debit cards with various beautiful designs printed on them such as hello kitty or even pusheen bank card. You can also discover more here regarding the different styles, categories, and features of custom designs that are available for premium cards. 

10 Years of Pusheen Pink

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You can only spend money that you previously deposited or prepaid. In other words, you can't go into debt with this card and you will never be charged for overdraft fees. You have online account access and customer support. It also gives you faster access to your money.

Your card functions like a checking account so you can also use it to pay bills. All you have to do is register online and fill in the required information, such as the name of the company or person you wish to pay, the payment amount, and the date of the payment must be sent. Then a check will be sent to your name and there is no need to go to the store and buy a money order.

You also get free email and text notifications for your account, which makes it much easier to look after your finances. Your card is FDIC insured and you are covered by $ 0 liability insurance. This protects your funds if your card is fraudulently used, lost, or stolen.