Cyber and privacy insurance is a sort of insurance designed to insure customers of technology products or services. More especially, the policies are meant to cover an assortment of liability and property losses.

Most importantly, cyber and privacy insurance policies ensure a business' liability for a data breach where the company's clients' data, such as social security or credit card numbers, is stolen or exposed by a hacker or other criminal that has obtained access to the company's digital network.

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The policies cover many different expenses connected with information breaches, such as notification outlays, credit monitoring, prices to protect claims by state authorities, penalties and fines, and loss caused by identity theft.

Moreover, the policies cover liability arising from the site media content, in addition to property exposures from information loss/destruction, computer fraud, funds transportation reduction, business interruption, and cyber extortion.

Cyber and solitude insurance is frequently confused with technology errors and omissions (technician E&O) insurance. 

Compared to privacy and cyber insurance, technology E&O policy is meant to protect suppliers of technology services and products, including computer hardware and software producers, site designers, website designers, and companies that store corporate information within an off-site foundation. 

Nevertheless, technician E&O insurance policies usually do include a range of the same insuring agreements as privacy and cyber policies.