Orthotics can help you walk again without pain or discomfort. They can also help you run, walk, and even jump more efficiently and painlessly.

They can help relieve pain, improve mobility and stability in your feet, give you better arch support, and even reduce swelling in the affected area. You can also consult with a professional for custom orthotics for foot rehabilitation in Pickering at The Aim Clinic.

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A personalized foot stabilization brace can help keep your foot in the shoe properly. This can help you become more stable in your feet and protect your other joints.

If your foot is not seated properly and is not in your shoes, it may move and sit in a position that is not good for you or other parts of your body.

Just a few of the specific foot orthotics you can see used include a heel rocket that helps resist inversion or reluctance in the foot, an elongated heel that supports the arch of the foot, and a heel lift that slightly elevates the foot so that it coincides with the other leg and heel incision, which can stimulate reversal.

There are others including metatarsal bars, broken soles, toes tops, and many others, each of which can give you the support you need to be more active and mobile – less pain and trouble.