Thinking about guidelines for your children is not something every parent wants to do. They don't want their children to go through the hard times of their childhood. Most parents think of protecting their children from the hardships of life. 

This might not be easy, but it can be done by planning your life. Failed marriages of couples who end in divorce negatively impact their children. Many parents only see warning signs of changes in their child’s behaviour when asked to do so by the teacher, coach, or neighbour of the child. 

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This is the time when parents have to seek advice to solve this problem. To increase awareness, we provide some guidance that can help parents rule out whether their child's behaviour is a "bad phase" or something deeper.

  • Pay close attention to changes in school or your child's academic achievement. Did your score fall? Did he skip school? Do you do your homework well?
  • Is your child worried for no reason?
  • Does your child lose interest in activities that involve them? If your child is an avid reader, will they avoid reading?
  • Is your child involved in illegal or dangerous activities such as drugs, cigarettes or alcohol? Theft? Vandalism?

If you answered yes to all of these questions and suspect your child is struggling with bad moods or behaviour, contact a professional advisor for this assessment. If your child signs that it could hurt them, please act immediately. In Toronto, you will find many respected advisers for children