Earlier computers are referred to as toys. A lesser number of homes have them and they are free from the tension of hacking, viruses, malware attempts and many more as we now do. 

Online crime has become a major concern for law enforcement and the general public need to give high priority to keep criminals at bay. To protect this MicroAge provides End-to-end Security Solutions in Toronto and Niagara so as to keep your credentials safe from hackers. 

Computer Security

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The following are some of the steps that help you to keep your computer safe and these are:

Install Good Antivirus Software:

Nowadays it is very crucial to have strong antivirus software. You do not have to access the Internet or email without an active and up-to-date anti-virus program. Keep in mind that on a daily basis there are several new viruses that come and it is a big or complicated task for an antivirus program to keep up with it all. 

Have The Right Installation Of Firewall:

A firewall filters the invalid data. They are the defenses that are built into your system to stop the spread of viruses or trojans that may have been introduced into your system. 

Carefully Use Email:

Many viruses get into your computer via emails. Make sure that you will build some hard and fast rules about incoming mail. Moreover, you need to pay extra attention while opening the email attachments. 

Be Creative With Password:

Hackers are quite good at violating the password so you have to be creative and adhere to a few rules when creating them.