You might not think that choosing towels is a big decision. After all, how hard can it be to grab a couple of towels off the shelf in any department store? Well, while it may sound like a simple task, you actually need to put a good amount of thought into your towels.

They're not all created equal, after all, and you want to make certain you get towels that you're going to like using. You can also look for pool & beach towels & blankets online.

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Color and design are two of the things many people notice about towels right away and they are important to your towel buying decision. Most people have some sort of theme in their bathrooms. For some, it's a simple cooler combination, but others have themes such as nautical, dolphins, or sandcastles.

For these types of bathrooms, the towels are going to have to match the décor or they are going to stand out. This can simply mean matching a cooler or motif. Even if you have a dolphin-themed bathroom, for example, you don't necessarily require towels with dolphins on them.

Blue or white bath towels will match well and small accents can be found on decorative hand towels featuring dolphins, for example. Beyond what the towels look like, you want to consider what the towels are made of. You want to find plush, comfortable towels that will not scratch. For hand towels, this isn't quite as much of a concern.