Technology has certainly advanced through the years, especially with office equipment. Simple tasks like folding papers or envelopes are now being done by machines. Paper folder machines are very helpful especially for large businesses that send out large volumes of letters or documents each day and don’t have the manpower to have one employee manually folding letters all day as they can add a lot to the efficiency of your office.

Many churches, schools, and small organizations that send out many fliers, invoices, brochures or letters are choosing to purchase a paper folder to add efficiency and save time in their day. You can also browse to this site to buy a good quality paper folder.

You also don’t need to require a lot of folding on a regular basis to own your own unit. With the different types of paper folder machines available (electric, automatic, light or heavy-duty), you’re sure to find a folder that is designed for your use whether they be an occasion or for mass mailings.

Dahle 10540 is a manual folder that uses a drop-in feed system and will only do certain folds. This Dahle model can handle folding up to 3 sheets of either stapled or unstapled paper at the same time. Shopping for a paper folder can prove to be very frustrating if you don’t know what you’re looking for or what you need.  You’ll be sure to find exactly the right type to meet your business or personal needs.