Kids are the best thing that happens to a parents’ life. After the birth of a baby, the life of parents changes drastically. Parent’s major concern becomes their kids. Along with host of happiness, a kid also comes with a host of responsibilities.

Right from buying baby diapers to giving them proper education, everything needs to be done with utmost care. Buying games and managing good play time for them is also one of the important responsibilities for parents.

Research states that play time for them are as important as study time. Play time adds the complete touch to their education and also plays an important role in building kids’ mental and physical health.

To make this easy for parents, there is Walt subscription box where one can explore large variety of Disney toys and games for kids.

Play time helps your kids to get adjusted with the outer world. It teaches them team spirit and sportsmanship. Thus, play hours and games are very important for over all mental development of a kid.

Along with mental development, play time also enhances physical stamina in kids. It improves muscle power and helps maintaining a healthy growth for them. As healthy food is important, proper body exercise is also necessary and play time gives exactly the same thing.

Thus, play time is important for both mental and physical development of kids. Owing to these benefits of toys and play time for them, games or play time is a compulsory class for them in every schools.