When you choose to grow your plants in a greenhouse, you allow yourself the capacity to manage their environment and not rely on external elements.

Cultivating your culture in a greenhouse, your plants can thrive even in the off-season through the use of environmental monitoring systems. These systems are ideal for the prevention of disease and maximize your overall efficiency of the plant, read the full info here in this article.

A monitoring control system is essential for your greenhouse. In the agricultural industry today, there are monitors that can help with temperature, CO2, the airflow,  dosing, water pH, fertigation systems, misting fan control, and more.

You can control many environmental factors using a greenhouse monitoring system. Here's why it is so vital to the overall health of your culture.


It is essential that you can adjust your temperature levels at each stage of growth. Using an advanced monitoring system that we have here at Agriculture RF, you can do it.

Humidity levels:

During the life of your culture, having the wrong humidity level can create excess moisture that can stimulate the growth of mold and fungi.

Power source:

It is necessary that you obtain notifications for any loss of power. You have many types of equipment in a greenhouse. It is therefore imperative that you are aware of the loss of power to lights, fans, irrigation systems, and more.

With greenhouse growing, you want to make sure you select a monitoring system that cultivates and constantly keeps your healthy culture.