We all know pretty much everything about a smartphone. Yet, there is one thing inside it, which is a kind of a mystery to us. Any guesses? We're talking about the batteries of a smartphone.

Do you know why it drains so much in few events? Why it gets heats up while charging? What is the correct existence of batteries on a phone? Is it one year or two? For customers, it is hard to find answers to these questions since battery execution in a phone relies upon such huge numbers of variables, including the ambient temperature and the phone flag quality. There are many sites like Phone Year that will let you know how to improve the battery life of the phone.

5 best battery saver apps for Android and other ways too!

However, what we can let you know is the right method to charge your cell phone. Here are things you should keep in mind while charging your phone, even if the lithium-ion battery (lithium battery manufacturer). And by following your tips, you can increase the battery life of your phone.

Use only your cell phone charger. One study says that another charger may charge slowly, not at the bottom, and can harm gadgets or batteries.

You must remain calm on your phone. Depletes the battery quickly, and it sucks away her life. So according to the study, to avoid a situation in which your gadget can become too hot. Your battery will drain substantially faster when it is hot, regardless of whether you do not take advantage of it, and it can even harm your battery.