If you are one of those people who complain about shoulder pain, it is important to understand that to eliminate shoulder pain, you must be diagnosed correctly and properly. Of course, this varies with the pain you experience.

Some of the causes of shoulder pain are conditions such as fractures and inflammation of the tendons, frozen shoulder, arthritis, bursitis, shoulder dislocation; therefore it is important that you have to be diagnosed correctly so that you can find effective medications and treatments for your shoulder pain.

When to call a doctor depending on the intensity of the pain you are experiencing. If you experience pain that is a little tolerable on your shoulder, or when you first feel pain in your shoulder, here are some tips that help you to find shoulder pain relief. Non-surgical regenerative PRP stem cell therapy for shoulder pain & shoulder bursitis is proven to be very effective for arthritis pain.

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Rest your shoulders. Of course, the first thing you have to do is to rest your shoulders from all work and pressure. Even if you can move your shoulders slightly, it is important to avoid lifting heavy items, pushing or doing any heavy work with your shoulders because this can aggravate the pain or may damage your shoulder joint more.

You can also apply ice to the affected shoulder to ease the pain. Applying ice for up to 15 minutes can help to relieve a lot of pain, but of course, depending on the cause of your pain, you can also apply heat to the affected area.