Stamped asphalt improves the appearance, durability, and advantages of regular asphalt paving by imprinting it with unique patterns, colors, and safety features.

The stamped asphalt process works on asphalt that is freshly placed or older asphalt that is reheated at the proper depth. Highly trained and skilled installers then stamp a template pattern into the asphalt.

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Once the pattern is set, an epoxy-modified acrylic coating is applied to add color and make a durable and slip-resistant paved surface. The whole installation process only takes a few hours. It can be easily done at night, which reduces the disruption to pedestrian and traffic flow and also helps minimize costs.

Typical pattern templates include Offset Brick, British Cobble, Keystone and more.

The asphalt coating is available in a wide range of colors and can be custom designed to reflect a specific name, message, or logo. The end result is decorative asphalt that enhances the surrounding landscape and building architecture extends the life of your asphalt surface and improves both vehicle and pedestrian safety.

Stamped asphalt is the perfect cost-effective solution for your paved areas. It is a highly versatile process and can be applied to any commercial and residential paved areas including traffic calming areas, driveways, roundabouts, parking lots, entryways, plazas, walkways, safety zones, bike lanes, intersections, crossings, and more.

The strength and flexibility of stamped asphalt make it much more attractive than brick or concrete surfaces. This decorative asphalt process is seamless, and therefore, easy to maintain. It is resistant to cracking, breaking, and other structural damage from plant and insect intrusion, extreme weather and constant everyday use.