Window blinds are a type of window covering that is usually placed on the interior side of windows. These blinds are used to cover the interior of the house and limit the sun's rays. 

There are many types of window blinds on the market today. This article covers most of them. Venetian blinds are the first type of blind. These blinds can be classified as large. 

Original Venetian blinds were made from wide, curved metal slats. They are very similar to mini-slats. It can be curved, flat, or elliptical. Faux or PVC is another type of window blind. These blinds can be classified as mini blinds.

They are made using either a foamed or solid polyvinyl chloride plastic (PVC). Blind slats are made from faux or PVC. You can choose smooth window blinds via

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These slats are usually limited in color options, as they are mostly white. Some are available in wood-tone colors. PVC is extremely strong. PVC is resistant to ultraviolet rays and waterproof. 

PVC materials are also easy to clean. The disadvantage of faux blinds is their weight. PVC slats weigh more than composite or wood slats. PVC slats are less likely to raise large windows if they are used. Composite blinds are another kind of blind.

Composite blinds are made of a combination of wood and polymers. Composite is the latest window covering. It is also considered one of the most beautiful blinds. A slat made of composite material can have a smooth or solid poly coating.