Johnson's baby powder has been used as hygienic products for decades. It is widely used and accepted by most of the women and their children around the world. In the early 1980s, a comprehensive study reveals the fact that talcum powder and ovarian cancer  are related to each other.

Ovarian cancer is a silent killer that starts from the ovaries as cancer grows, it spread all over the body. It has some early symptoms but they are often overlooked by women until the disease has progressed. 

talcum powder lawsuit

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In this article, we will discuss the reasons for what you can claim for the case of talcum powder.

But before that, you must know how the talcum powder is responsible for ovarian cancer.

When women use talcum powder regularly, the powder particles travel through the reproductive system and go into their ovaries, causing irritation and damage to DNA, that leads to the growth of ovarian cancer cells.

Many women and their families now come to know how dangerous this J & J baby powder is and hence began to sue the company.

How to find out if you are eligible to claim a talcum powder lawsuit.

If you are a regular user of powder for personal hygiene, you should understand some of the criteria used to determine whether to pursue a claim or not. lawyers may even ask you some questions about:

  • Diagnosis with ovarian cancer-type
  • Used usual powder for four years or more
  • Used Johnson Baby Powder or Shower to Shower Powder
  • biopsy results showed some evidence of a powder
  • There is no family history of ovarian cancer

If you doubt that your ovarian cancer is caused by the use of powder then you may need a lawyer to help you in your case and negotiate a settlement. These cases are very complex, so it is wise to seek legal advice so you can against the perpetrators and justice.