“Medical marijuana” is a broad term for any type of cannabis-based drug used to relieve symptoms. Many cannabis-based products can be purchased online, but their quality and content are unknown. They can be illegal and potentially dangerous.

Some products that may be labeled medicinal cannabis, such as sublingual broad-spectrum CBD oil or hemp oil, are legally available as dietary supplements in health food stores. However, there is no guarantee that they will be of good quality or have any health benefits.

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And some cannabis-based products require a prescription as medical marijuana. They will likely only benefit a small number of patients.

  • Epidyolex is a high purity liquid containing CBD (cannabidiol).
  • CBD is a chemical found in marijuana that has medicinal benefits.
  • Epidyolex may be prescribed to patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome (both rare forms of epilepsy).

Nabilone for chemotherapy patients

Many people undergoing chemotherapy experience nausea or vomiting. Nabilone may be prescribed by a specialist to relieve these symptoms, but only if other treatments have not helped or are not suitable.

Nabilone is a drug that is taken as a capsule and works similarly to THC (the chemical in marijuana that gives you a boost). You may have heard that it is described as an “artificial form of marijuana”.

Is Medical Marijuana Safe?

The risks of using marijuana products that contain THC (the chemical that increases you) are currently unclear. Therefore, clinical studies are required before it can be used.