Many websites are hosted on a shared web hosting server. The main reason is cost. Shared web hosting servers cost much less than special servers.

The number of sites on a shared web hosting server can be from 1500 to 2000 sites. The number of sites on the shared web hosting server will vary due to disk space availability, permitted bandwidth per site, and overall speed. You can navigate various online sources and find more about instant servers

Although shared web hosting is reliable and has minimal problems, there are advantages to hosting your site on a dedicated server. 

A dedicated server for your web hosting allows you to have a server that is fully dedicated to your site. In addition, a dedicated server will allow you to complete the authority to control and manage your server.

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When and if you decide on a dedicated server for your web hosting, you must have a fair understanding of the specific server.

Even though most dedicated web server hosting providers will provide technical support, you will find it much easier if you have the technical expertise to manage your own server.

However, if you find that you will not be able to manage your own server, choose a dedicated hosting server that is managed.

This option is especially for those who want to have a special web hosting but do not have the expertise needed to manage it.

This service allows you to have all the servers managed by a special hosting company. The cost of a managed server is quite expensive.

Therefore, if you think that you can run and manage your own website server, you must choose a dedicated web server hosting that is not managed rather than the specific server that is managed.