Only people living with dyslexia will ever know what it sounds like to have the condition. If you have been labeled as slow, lazy, stupid, so you probably asked what's wrong with you. Dyslexia is simply an inability to treat language.

The biggest problem is in its definition, dyslexia is a name given to a set of linguistic problems. You can learn more about dyslexia via to increase dyslexia awareness and provide resources for students and families who are struggling with this learning disability.

Since the two people suffering from dyslexia will have exactly the same symptoms or suffer from the same intensity that it is difficult to determine how to treat them. 

However, all experts agree that it is a form of reading invalidity that arises among those with normal information that has received adequate exposure to the instructions.

The symptoms of dyslexia vary and are not the same from one person to another. The most notable symptoms are:

A noticeable difference in the capacity and realization of the person; People with dyslexia seem bright but can not seem to realize everything they have decided to do.

Moderate difficulties with grave spellings; Many people who have dyslexia tend to reverse certain letters that are similar as "B", "D" and "P". Words and expressions with similar meanings are very difficult to understand.

Inability to follow simple instructions – A person with dyslexia will find it difficult to follow a simple three-step instruction. This also leads to a misunderstanding of mathematics or any discipline that involves sequencing.