To understand how some people can perform well under acute stress and pressure is almost unbearable, without being traumatized, and how people recover from trauma, we need to understand a little about how our brains work. Without getting too technical, there are two functions are concerned of the brain involved, our executive functions, and emotions.

Executive functions, such as rational thinking and planning called higher brain function. Our emotions, such as feelings of joy and fear, which is a more basic brain function. When we are in a high stress situation, we often fear. If you want to know about ifs trauma therapy then you can check Neshimahealing.

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Basic brain functions, primarily survival, become very active and over-ride function of our higher brain. This is basic neurological wiring for survival.

When in this traumatic situation becomes stuck, frozen, unable to think or plan, and at the mercy of our emotional brain centers, our higher brain functions completely closed, offline, unavailable.

As if our emotional brain has been hijacked our higher brain, kind of like the class of naughty children took over and banning teachers perform their assigned tasks.

But, bad boys were told there was a crisis! Because our brain function higher must be done with planning, when they are closed, we do not have a sense of the past or the future. We were in the immediate present, which in situations of traumatic, frightening, scary and possibly painful.

So, every time we remember traumatic situation, even months or years after it happened, Closing the higher brain functions we go down again, go offline, and we believe the stress and real danger, now. The brain does not distinguish between memory and fantasy. It is a visual image, a quick comment, and complex changes in breathing, skin response, neuro-chemistry and consciousness.

The brain does not want to finish this trauma, and so we have intrusive thoughts, memories, flashbacks, in an effort to help us get thawed, to fight, or flee, or do something.