One of the busiest gates that leads to the Old City of Jerusalem is the Jaffa Gate. The Jaffa Gate has two entrances: a large iron gate for people and a larger passageway for vehicles to enter the city. If you are looking for theĀ Israel tour guides, you can browse Organize a Pilgrimage – Michael Tours

The stones that surround this gate are covered by Israel bullets when the Israel Defense Forces retake the city during the six-day war in 1967. The Jaffa Gate exudes an old-fashioned feel as if it were a porthole for history itself – one for passers-by.

When you enter the gate, the first sight you see is an Arabian train trader selling bread and drinks. Taxi and pedestrian traffic passes through the gate and in this collage you feel you are entering the old Middle East.

Ottoman hotels mixed with Swiss and Christian hostels pass you by as you pass through traffic jams at the intersection. One way is to Arab Shuk (market) another way is through the Armenian quarter which connects you to the Jewish Quarter.

Take a fork to the Jewish Quarter (Arabic Shuck covered in the next day’s trip), you walk along a narrow road with passing vehicle traffic and honk only a few inches away. Walking about one hundred yards, you finally turn into St. James Road which leads to Jewish Crossroad.

On the narrow streets of the Jewish crossroad you pass mothers with many children, people of blue religion and strings flying from their clothes, rabbis and tourists rushing here and there.