In this article, the author discusses what kinds of PPE you need to be safe on the job, including considerations for different industries and specific events.

What are the Essential Functions of PPE

PPE refers to personal protective equipment, which is a mandatory safety gear for many professions. PPE can protect you from serious injuries if you're ever in an accident. Here's what you need to know about the essential functions of PPE:

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Why should you wear Personal Protective Equipment?

PPE is worn to protect the wearer from potential hazards and injuries associated with their job. There are a few reasons why you should wear PPE when working: 

1. To prevent injury: PPE can help reduce the likelihood of getting injured in the first place. It can protect you from slips, trips, and falls, as well as contact with hazardous materials.

2. To avoid exposure to hazardous substances: You may be required to work with substances that could be harmful if ingested or if breathed in. Wearing PPE can protect you from these chemicals by shielding them from your skin and respiratory system.

3. To prevent infection: Infection is a common cause of workplace injuries, and PPE can help to prevent it from spreading throughout your body. By wearing gloves, masks, and other protective gear, you can reduce the chances of picking up bacterial or viral infections at work.


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