Separation anxiety in dogs is a problem that could affect all dogs, regardless of how old or breed, and is the most common reason why dogs are taken away or end up in shelters for animals.

Dogs with separation anxiety can be fairly easy to recognize. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, it is recommended you to contact for proper treatment. The primary sign that dogs suffer from anxiety due to separation is that they follow you whenever you're at home.

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If you're away from your home (even for a couple of minutes) your dog is likely to get anxious and begin to harm things. When your pet is content to have a separate space from you, and can sleep alone, the chances are that your dog does not suffer from separation anxiety. However, the reason behind his behavior issues is entirely different.

The majority of dogs love being with humans since they're pack animals. Because they are loyal animals dogs who are transferred to family after family will experience an intense fear of being abandoned. Dogs who have been even during shocking events, such as flooding, earthquakes or another natural catastrophe, fear that their owners could be in danger as they go away. Dogs who suffer from anxiety about separation in these kinds of situations will have to be given more time and focus to deal with the anxiety they experience when separated.