Whether for business valuation purposes or other complex data analysis, accountants can play an important role in identifying issues and creating new records in the future.

A court accountant typically combines tax and legal skills to determine the existence of a crime and/or identify factors to consider when assessing a business. You can also hire accountants at CPA – Chartered Professional Accountants whenever you need them.

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This role is becoming more and more valuable as the economic difficulties of 2008 made many companies analyze their activities more carefully in relation to potential fraud cases.

Since 2008, crime and the way the FBI and other government agencies prosecute fraud have changed dramatically.

The FBI, for example, has established positions in its own department in this area and currently 15% of employees are specialists dealing with topics such as corporate appraisals and damage calculations.

The role of a chartered accountant can be vital because it affects many people, be it in business judgment or in fraud. Perception is a major issue facing court auditors.

While many clients view forensics as just another accountant, there is a huge difference in skills between ensuring compliance with traditional practice and recovering suspects. Complexity and time management are also central issues for forensic scientists today.

Records are usually very large, even when organized digitally, and activity can span multiple jurisdictions. The time it takes to hire an auditor can also require rapid and intense action that limits existing client relationships.

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